GULF ORIENT Aviation Group, in partnership with ORIENTAL AVIATION GROUP of the UAE and Politiri Aviation Holdings, are an established global aviation HR and aero contracting/consulting firm, with an aviation staff experience of over 200 years, specializing in specific vocations and needs within the aviation industry  and operating through company locations and agents in UAE, Canada, Bolivia  and Central America.

Through corporate operations and affiliations with Middle East partner companies, we provide a full complement of aviation services from pilot supply and training (PPL to CPL) and flight attendant training programs, both initial and recurrency, at our facilities or on site, tailored to customer needs; type ratings on popular heavy aircraft to JAR/EASA and FAA requirements (737CL A320 ERJ 737NG 767 777) ; short and long term aircraft charters/ACMI, both pax and cargo as well as staff recruiting and contracting..



To continue our practice of providing the global aviation industry a broad menu of critical support services for all carriers from staffing to operational needs and processes in line with the requirements of the governing aviation authority.

A Global Aviation Services Company.